What is TRIP and how does it work?
TRIP is an easy way to reduce tuition by purchasing gift cards, certificates and e-cards--at no additional cost--for things you buy every day from hundreds of national and local vendors.

When you purchase gift cards from Eagle-TRIP at face value, a percentage of your purchase is credited to your TRIP account.

  • Gift cards, certificates, and e-cards are offered for a wide variety of national and local retailers. Use them like cash for goods and services that you purchase on a regular basis -- groceries, gas, clothing, restaurants, home improvement, entertainment, travel  ...and more!
  • The percentages vary by vendor and range from 2% to 20%.
  • Accumulated TRIP credits are applied as payment to family tuition accounts two times per school year (May 1 and Nov. 1), or held in your account for future use..

Who can participate?
Everyone! Parents, grandparents, friends and churches can set up a TRIP account. Even “future families” who do not yet have children enrolled may participate and have credits held until needed at a future time. To enroll, complete a registration form and return it to the TRIP office. You will be assigned a TRIP account number to use when you place your orders.

How do I purchase TRIP?

  • INSTANT TRIP:  Shop our selection of gift cards from over 100 popular vendors at Instant TRIP which is open weekly during the school year and selected weeks during the summer. Instant TRIP orders are available for immediate pick-up and payable by cash or check. See Instant TRIP Hours for schedule and locations.

    Access  many more vendors, additional denominations, and larger quantities by placing a weekly order. Drop off your order and payment during Instant TRIP hours and it will be available for pick-up the following week.
  • ONLINE ORDERING:  Set up a convenient online shopping account at ShopWithScrip.com. PrestoPay set-up is also required to pay for online orders. Your ShopWithScrip account allows you to pre-order plastic gift cards, reload an existing account, or instantly download printable e-cards for participating retailers. Visit our What’s New page for details.
  • MOBILE APPs:  Purchase, manage and redeem TRIP e-cards right from your mobile device!  Visit our What’s New page for details.
  • VIP CERTIFICATES:  Available for purchase at Instant TRIP and are accepted like cash at a wide variety of local businesses for a 5% TRIP credit.
  • TRIP VOUCHERS: Voucher vendors offer various TRIP credit percentages and require no advance purchase. Present a Voucher Form (available at the TRIP office) to a participating business with your payment at the time of purchase. The participating business sends your credit amount to the TRIP office and it is applied to your TRIP account.

EXAMPLE: Purchase Meijer gift cards (4%)

    $500  per month (groceries, gas, etc.)
     x 4%  credit               
    = $20  TRIP credit per month
      x 12  months per year
    = $240 annual tuition credit

...and that’s just a start!

Think of all the other purchases your family makes on a regular basis!